Thomas Heywood

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The internationally acclaimed organ virtuoso Thomas Heywood enjoys an outstanding reputation as one of the world’s finest concert organists.  As the only professional concert organist in Australian history, Heywood is celebrated as “an acknowledged master” for his unique ability to make the greatest music of all time come alive on the King of Instruments, with an ever-growing repertoire of over 5,000 works.  Heywood has also become one of the world’s most prolific organ recording artists, with over thirty popular sellout recordings receiving extraordinary critical acclaim.

April 24 – May 7, 2020
June 19- July 23, 2020
September 21 – October 4, 2020


“… superhuman gifts … brilliant technique, riveting rhythm, an amazing ear for color … In fact, this was some of the most compelling music making of any kind I’ve heard in ages.  Start to finish, this was drop-dead music making, with flair and expressivity to burn … even if you think you don’t like organ recitals, don’t even think of missing him.”

The Dallas Morning News, USA

“… a consummate player who exudes musicianship, a breathtakingly accurate virtuoso technique and an imaginative and colourful approach to registration … What a stunning player Thomas Heywood is.  His flawless technique is just the platform from which truly artistic and memorable performances flow.”

Editor’ s Choice, Organists’ Review, UK

“… it is the virtuoso playing that picks you up on a current of music that fills your heart and delights the spirit, the soul.  Heywood spoke … and he was witty, knowledgeable and full of interesting anecdotes and stories about the music he was playing.  Heywood has a rapport that a rapper would envy … What a concert!”

The Munster Express, Ireland

Photo by Victor Jetten