Janette Fishell

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Janette Fishell is Professor of Music and Chair of the Organ Department at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, and a recitalist and teacher of international standing.


The American Organist “Janette Fishell, a mature musician, plays with great sensitivity and strong, secure technique.”

American Record Guide “Her performance is first rate … a truly enjoyable recording.”

Baltimore AGO Chapter News “… a performer in the best sense of the word … Such a great artist … Such a wonderful program.”

BLOOMINGTON, IN “Fishell’s mastery of all the material was breathtaking. The harmonic statements, the complex ornamentations, the fugal developments, the gentle interludes, the powerful climaxes, the passionate exhortations, the technical challenges to fingers and feet, the artistic spirit and spiritual aura: all were convincingly present at this opening recital.”
HeraldTimesOnline.com 2010

Photo by Tall & Small Photography