Jane Parker-Smith

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We are sad to report the news of Jane Parker-Smith’s passing on June 24, 2020 in London.   Jane was a dear friend, an inspiration and mentor to countless people around the world and will be greatly missed.  A true musical and personal force of nature, Jane had an energy in her music-making and in her interactions with others which was joyous and infectious. In addition to the standard solo and concerto repertoire, she also sought and championed romantic and symphonic works for the organ, many of which were not in the mainstream repertoire. In doing this, Jane found the perfect vehicle to highlight her incredible musicality and virtuosity, also reminding the rest of us that there is much more repertoire to learn and enjoy. The lasting proof of this remains in her thrilling recordings which will continue to inspire future generations.  Both at the console and away from it, Jane was always the life of the party, to which everyone who knew her can attest with happy remembrances.  Needless to say, our loss is heaven’s gain. We thank you, dear Jane, for all that you have given us.  Rest in Peace.

Photo by Hanya Chlala