Private: László Fassang

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Mr. Fassang is known for the diversity of his repertoire and for his improvisations.    He teaches organ and improvisation at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, where he is Assistant Professor of Organ.  He also teaches Improvisation at the Paris Conservatory of Music where he succeeded Philippe Lefebvre.

2004 Grand Prix de Chartres winner
2002 Calgary International Organ Festival Improvisation Gold Medal Winner

2017-2018 season

“Fassang’s performance of the D major Prelude and Fugue, one of the most treacherous of the major Bach works, was a true marvel …”
The Calgary Herald

“Putty under his fabulous fingers, Fassang gave the performance of the day (Liszt Fantasy and Fugue on Ad nos …), which was talked about in terms of wonderment in the lobby.”
The Calgary Herald

Photo by Szilvia Csibi