Vincent Dubois

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2002 Calgary International Organ Festival
Recital Gold Medal Winner

Vincent Dubois is the General Director of the Strasbourg National and Superior Conservatory in France and titular organist at the Cathedral of Soissons, Soissons, France.   He also was recently appointed to the position of Visiting Artist at the University of Michigan in the U.S.A.

fall 2015
spring 2016

BONN (An all-Duruflé recital)
“Not only is Dubois an experienced and well qualified organist, but he belongs with the best ones. Dubois’ interpretation is served by technical ease and natural musicality and expression. Before all things, Dubois allowed the subtle pastel colors, which Durufle often uses as composer of the quiet tones, to light up in numerous shadings.”
GeneralLanzeiger, Germany

(Vox Coelestis CD 200415)
“Vincent Dubois turns in absolutely stunning performances of the “big three” Liszt organ works … These performances stand up to or possibly surpass the best on the market.  Dubois possesses maturity far beyond his years.  He plays with consummate passion and breathtaking virtuosity, yet with absolute technical control.  He also knows how to spin a phrase.  The quieter sections afford moments of delightful delicacy and poetic introspection.  In short, Dubois evokes the spirit of Liszt himself.  This is worth adding to your collection.”
The American Organist, March 2006

Photo by Elie Galey